Quran O Itrat Academy
Duroos : Usool E Awwal
Speaker : Aqai Ali Raza Mehdavi Najafi
Venue : Quran-O-Itrat Academy

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01 Dars no.1
02 Dars no.2
03 Dars no.3
04 Dars no.4
05 Dars no.5
06 Dars no.6
07 Dars no.7
08 Dars no.8
09 Dars no.9
10 Dars no.10
11 Dars no.11
12 Dars no.12
13 Dars no.13
14 Dars no.14
15 Dars no.15
16 Dars no.16
17 Dars no.17
18 Dars no.18
19 Dars no.19
20 Dars no.20
21 Dars no.21
22 Dars no.22
23 Dars no.23
24 Dars no.24


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Online Question and Answer System in Urdu.

online Q&A

Questions from all over the world in Urdu language about Ibadat, Muamlat, Social Problem, Ikhlaqiat and Aqaid aur Answered in urdu Language.

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