About Us :

Quran-o-Itrat Academy was established in 1992. It is a religious educational institute which produces scholars. Along with religious education some other activities such as Translation, Answering Fatwas, Delivering Speeches & Lectures round the year, providing Ulmas to different institutions, counciling etc. are carried out in this institution.
Hujjat ul Islam Maulana Ali Raza Mehdavi is the Administrator of the academy and has got permission (Ijaaza) from different Mujtahideen for collecting Khums and Various other receipts. By virtue of this the academy provides financial help to needy.
We wish to share the humble cause together.

Head Office : 365/1, Pire Street, Garden East, Near Noor College, Gurumandir, Karachi, Pakistan-74400
Phone : (0092-21) 32226948, 32237207
E-mail : info@qoitrat.org

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